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OCT 2017


Skills of real estate development professional
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The real estate professionals work on their real estate projects related to commercial or residential purposes on the acquired piece of land. In this field, there are certain development consultancies that help the beginners to work on new projects.

  • • It is important to have all-round knowledge of real estate development as this field is complex to understand.

  • • You must be skilled in the areas such as analysis, finance, interpersonal and organizational department. There is a need to make the right choices when it comes to financing, developing, purchasing or selling properties.

  • • There are many kinds of professionals who deal with the projects of real estate, and some of them are architects, lenders, brokers, construction professionals and lawyers. Each one of them requires their own degree courses and programs to attain valid information.

  • • Also, one can look for courses such as Master of Science in Real Estate, or an MBA that is in regard with the real estate development.

However, in the recent years there have been some changes in this sector. The launch of GST showed a few changes that led to both positive and negative impacts on real estate.

  • • The impact of GST is considered to be positive on the residential real estate sector and property buyers. Although in the initial months, it may now bring down the prices of residential properties, but it will show benefits to the stakeholders of the residential real estate sector in the near time.

  • • Earlier, paying multiple taxes was a challenge for the buyers as it included the tax on construction materials. The method of multiple taxations is a burden that is directly passed on to the buyer. GST helps in removing all the other forms of taxes, thus helping the developers in making more profits.

  • • The price of housing is expected to decline after the implementation of GST. The difference in the percentage of both the taxes will make a dramatic difference as GST regime is a single taxation system. There can be a direct impact on the real estate sector in the future, and improvement is expected for the buyers.

Overall, people need to acquire professional degrees to understand the basic concept of real estate development. The industrial and residential sectors require a number of professionals who can work as per the requirements of the client in today’s scenario. They must also be prepared to withstand the changing laws and regulations in order to grow more.