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The “Art of Foundation” through the eyes of a Real Estate Developer

JUNE 2017


The “Art of Foundation” through the eyes of a Real Estate Developer
Grovy India Share

There are plenty of factors to determine the viability of reusing a foundation in “new” construction or a substantial remodel. Grovy, one of the top Civil Construction Companies in Delhi lists down a few things you need to keep in mind when building a new establishment:

1. Get nosy: It’s important to know exactly what you’re dealing with in order that proper conclusions can be made with respect to the existing foundation. Make sure to check for moisture and water seepage in the concrete to be rectified upon inspection.

2. Get drawing: Having an outline of the house and a survey of the property can be vital when sharing information with your engineers. It also helps to get the property verified and inspected.

3. Get to the basics: It’s good to be familiar with a typical foundation design so that you’ve got something to compare with.

4. Spot reinforced steel locations: Make chalk lines on the foundation to indicate steel reinforcing areas while using non-destructive testing methods.

5. Back to the basics: Brush up on fundamental engineering mechanisms to understand rebuilding a property better.

6. Double check: Spawling is usually caused by corrosion of the steel reinforcement bars embedded in the concrete. Spot the same for immediate solutions.

And lastly, the building department, structural and civil engineers along with geotechs will be more interested in numbers, and dimensions than data like “the foundations are in good shape out there” – that doesn’t tell them anything. Showing up to a meeting with facts, numbers photo documentation and documentation by professionals will help you get the work done much further down the field.