Grovy is the high achievers of today and the innovators of tomorrow.


Grovy is the high achievers of today and the innovators of tomorrow.

Grovy offers a very professional and open work culture to ensure mutual growth of the company as well as of the employees. It treats all its employees as family members, and always ensures that they put a balance between professional and personal life.

One of the most valuable assets of Grovy is its human resources. In the push for improvement, an organization’s biggest investment and its primary assets are its human capital. The company recruits, trains and retains responsible, dedicated and talented professionals. It sets high standards because it believes that by employing the right people, it can create a powerful and professional working environment.

The core values of respect, openness, creativity, independence and simplicity form the foundation of our business. By combining personal motivation with a shared desire to succeed.


Effective GST rate on under-construction real estate at 12%.

Source: Magic Bricks

GST impact on housing: Prices will decline, says Venkaiah Naidu

Source: Magic Bricks

Ownership rights for those allotted land in '70s.

Source: Magic Bricks

Delhi-NCR to get second international airport in Gr Noida's Jewar.

Source: Magic Bricks

Rs 50,000 reward for best 'house for all' tagline.

Source: Magic Bricks


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