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JAN 2017


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Buying a home is like living a dream” whether it is a dream house or a new unit in a high rise condominium. Before taking a leap the buyer need needs to weigh and consider his plans throughout. There are various options now a days with on home loans that can finance your purchase. They are basically the extended payment terms which help you get your dream come true.

Making bigger payment deal is not easy for every individual, so, the best way to initiate the decision of buying a property is about understanding your financial capacity and working on it with the help of either home loans or in-house financing. Moreover, the final decision is up to the honest requirement and your liquid financial belief. With a some of basic minimum requirement, such as a gross monthly of P 30,000 or two years running business if you are a business man. These documents will be used to access the loan through banks. While in-house loans do not require that much of paper work else than the employment certificate but asks more percentage of interest in comparison to the latter one.

The remittance over properties can be paid from anywhere outside the country through proper banking channels. Relatives can also transfer by the NRO account. However, the number of properties is restricted. NRIS cannot buy more than two properties (through foreign currency). To tale a home loan is a good idea whether you need it or not for the bank or in-house agencies will look after the requisite license and will make sure of the authenticity regarding your purchase. So, we advise you to take a little amount even if you are in no need and let them go through the procedure and help yourself from regretting on not having dine timely research regarding the property.

Buying a property could be challenging. The buyers are often subjected to hassle. Also, management of property and maintenance is a problem, you need a relative or have to depend on an agent for such things. But, if you are looking for lucrative and favorable rates the time couldn’t have been better as the real estate sector has seen a price correction in the recent past years. We Grovy India can help you reach your goal in finding a property and provide you a better living place with world class infrastructural facilities.