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Taking the Country to Newer and Greater Heights

MARCH 2018


Taking the Country to Newer and Greater Heights
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Robust Real Estate

Global economy has seen and is continuing to see a rapid and dynamic change. India is at the forefront of this change, but we also have a business-friendly Government. The last few years have been quite tumultuous and path breaking in many ways. The politics of change, GST, and demonetization have created a huge impact.

The real estate industry, by some estimates, had a noticeable and stark setback in the year 2017. Well, Macro-economic policies have their force, and the construction industry is not immune either. It should be noted here that India is still in a development oriented phase. The metros, state capitals, and tier II cities are alive and abuzz with hectic business activity.

Challenges, Expectations, Trends

  • LAs we know, India's real estate market has four key diversification-residential, commercial, industrial, and land.
  • Unfortunately, A perception of large scale corruption in the nation's construction industry has gained limelight.
  • However, this did not stop the foreign investors from betting high on the commercial property's market scene.
  • The game changing policy initiatives did not affect the Southern market too much.
  • Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Chennai, etc., have seen steady activity in realty.
  • Investors and customers are slowly, but surely, making new enquiries and bookings.
  • Industry watchers hope that Government shows greater support for capital infusion.
  • Speedy land clearances and building approvals are also expected to receive a thrust.
  • The Union Government's "Housing for All" scheme can boost large scale construction.
  • The next generation is educated, entrepreneurial and it is very keen on office space.
  • Small scale businesses, and start ups are expected to create working space demands.
  • The desire for smart homes, energy efficiency, and trendy lifestyles is also very high.

To sum it all up, India is on the threshold of a sweeping transformation. The youth are daring to go, and achieve greater heights through productive work. The global and local corporate are enthusiastic and optimistic. The robust real estate market has a golden chance to seize the moment. Be innovative, create opportunities, and build a strong nation.